2 thoughts on “Rozdelenie bolí

  1. Nemohol by si to preložiť, prosím? Neovládam nemeckú reč, ale rád by som si to prečítal. Ď

  2. hodil som to aspoň do Google Translatora :) výsledok biedny, ale hádam lepšie ako nič :-)

    Whenever I get news from Brussels over a divided Belgium without a government, I think of Czechoslovakia in the early 90’s. The Belgian political stalemate reminds me too much of the crisis in my country on 1 January 1993, halved after 74 years of coexistence in two new independent states, the Czech and the Slovak Republic.

    When I look at those events call to mind, I take it still true traumatic. I feel betrayed me to my home. I grew up with the Czechoslovak identity – the history, literature, as well as the friends or the joint team in the national sport of hockey – and suddenly was no more of this country. Instead, I was in Bratislava for the inhabitants of the new state of the discredited ex-communists – was ruled – now at once radical nationalists and populists.

    I’m still convinced that it should be decided on such a fundamental matter in a referendum. But there was no referendum because it was clear that the majority of the population would be against the partition of the country. The politicians preferred a quick fix and have signed without the citizen the merits.

    When I lived for four months in Belgium, I often felt like in Slovakia. Both countries are small and of no particular international importance. I often felt like the inferiority complexes. In both countries, several nations to live with different religions and traditions and many districts are bilingual. Even in the Belgian literary scene like depressed mood was like in Slovak – no one knows us, the world forgets us or confuse us with the other major writers.

    Even without a caretaker government of Belgium does in everyday life. But the crisis has lasted too long and getting worse. The indebted country urgently needs reform, as in Slovakia. Reforms that have made a rapid structural change and to economic success.

    The European integration process, the Czech Republic and Slovakia has brought back together and now are the mutual relations very well. But culturally, the two countries apart. Absurdly, now must also my books are translated from Slovak into Czech, then in almost the same language …

    I find great and Belgium would be sad if the capital Brussels, one of the main symbols of European unification, now a symbol of the new national division would.

    What is perhaps in Western Europe can learn from the middle? The establishment of a State is not the end but the beginning and a great responsibility to which one should be prepared very well – after which anyone is responsible for the error.

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